Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crepas de hongos y Chile Relleno de Elote - 132 y 131

Last night we decided to do two meals together and make it a true vegetarian (but not vegan) feast. I had found some recipes in that old Mexican cookbook of mine for 1) CREPAS DE HONGOS CON SALSA DE CHILE POBLANO y 2) CHILE RELLENO DE ELOTE. It seemed like a good idea to do them together, and the results were fantastic. The two dishes complemented one another perfectly, and we served them with frijoles pintos on the side.

The CREPAS had a filling of mushrooms (hongos), onions (cebollas), garlic (ajo) and cilantro which were cooked in a minimal amount of corn oil - thank goodness / menos mal. The filling mixture was then tucked into some crepes we had made over the weekend, and the crepes were kept warm in the oven while we moved on to the sauce and the next dish.

The CHILE RELLENOS de ELOTE were made from some chiles poblanos that Javier had roasted on the grill several nights ago when the weather was nice. He then peeled and seeded them for me for later use. I made the filling of corn (when it comes off the cob it's called elote), epazote, y cebolla. This filling is put into the cavity of the roasted and peeled chile along with a small slice of queso fresco which melts beautifully once this go into the oven to be warmed through. (They don't really need cooking as the chiles and the relleno have already been cooked before assembly).

The sauce was a delicious mixture of sauteed onions, garlic, butter (oops!) a few chile poblano strips and cream. (I used whole milk to cut down on the calories) It is thickened with flour, but again I cut down on the amount. After everything has been sauteed, warmed up, and thickened, it is pureed before reheating and serving over the CHILE RELLENOS and the CREPAS.

Javier said that whatever the point system was for last night's meal, I had earned a 100, an 11 on a scale of 10, or an A+. I could take my pick!

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